Saturday, 21 May 2011


''The Awareness of subjects and principles is an ever flowing river , you have to but stop and drink from it on your journey to attain refreshment''


The Following talk is a great synopsis covering the seemingly un-connected topics of Alchemy , Plato and C.G Jung. The talk has been around a long time and many readers of the blog will already have seen it - however it encapsulates the title of this post and goes someway to explain some of the finer points surrounding my own poetic use of the term 're-imagining'.


''This video discusses the idea that Platonic metaphysics is an Intellectual Yoga, a spiritual tradition which is magnificent, structured, aggressive, descriptive and psychologically profound. Enjoy the Lost treasure of Plato.''

Platonism and Alchemy

As an after thought in light of the way in which I have been approaching this vast library of information please do bare in mind a very important fact about the Translation of Plato and his philosophical work - The so called Italian neo-Platonist and perhaps better titled Natural philosopher Marsilio Ficino who translated the first of Plato's works in the modern era Actually put Plato on hold !! He literally side marked it to comeback to after he finished working on the seminal Corpus Hermeticum loosely translated as '' The body of the Hermetic work ''.


This is one of the most intriguing footnotes in esoteric and Occult'ed history , Plato the Father of all western thought came a faraway second to the Hellenistic principles of Hermes. Hermes the Greek counterpart to the Egyptian Thoth....

Now unless we have turned two pages at the same time this would seem to go someway to showing that western civilisation was influenced far more by Egyptian Mystery school thought than the later epoch of Greek thinkers that we are told tirelessly were the Progenitors of all that is Good and pure in the modern world.

These thoughts included , the above talk becomes all the more powerfull based on the realisation that this lineage of magicians had far more on their minds than the Trivium of Greek thought and yet were the basis of it.


much much more to come .....