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When we try to look back to the late days of Celtic Britain we find that we hit a wall, or to be more precise a roman wall that is so vast that it encompasses the History , Spirituality, Land , hearts , minds and lives of the Celtic people -- this rolling red wall was
the roman conquest of the west.

The fog is clearing and the wall has fallen but we are left with bare remnants compared with what was lost. What becomes plain is that there was something in particular that the Romans did not like about these mysterious lands and their free minded occupants. And they felt ...... that THEY should have it --Britain-- that is.


The main ideas that have been shown to have been prevalent about the Celts amongst the Romans , and in particular the generals and emperors alike - were that the land at the end of the western regions was fit for roman conquest, (which by roman standards was the greatest compliment that could be given to a foreign land) that the Druids must be wiped out and that the peoples themselves should be enslaved and put to work.


Because of this almost unanimous perception of the Sages of the west the Roman army was tasked with wiping them off the map in every corner of what we know now as Europe. From Germany to Scandinavia , France to Spain and Ireland all the way to Italy - Celtica's trade networks and communication systems were second to none , the entire civilisation was based upon individualisim and as such each area gave it's particular horde of goods, skills and resources.

With their fertile lands , many natural springs and rivers and with the thousands of mines both open cast and tunnel built - the Celts , Gauls , Germanic , Nordic and Slavic tribes were wealthy in many goods and for the most part lived in abundance. With the ships and the freedom to travel the Celt's were trading with people as far south as Africa and Egypt and as far east as China , the variety of goods that have since been discovered is incredible. In every way the roman trading that came forward in it's place was of less variety and lower quality - Slavery tends to do that to production...

There were however two things the Romans had alot of and shipped everywhere - Wine and Oil - now if the Romans had stayed as the Etruscan's and been the worlds best oil and wine distributors everything may have turned out well for the free men of europe but as we know the romans had a very different objective than that of merchants and traders.


The Romans saw the threat posed by these philosophers and leaders on every level and so designed to not only decimate the lands and populations but also the holy sites , the sacred springs and groves , the Druidic colleges and most importantly the complete remnant of the spiritual body and overall cultural identity of the whole civilisation of Celtica within a couple of generations.

With their wealth of gold the debts of war could be paid by Caesar and he could return to Rome as dictator. The obvious threat that the Indigenous teachers and healers represented was such that they had to be destroyed inevitably , and so just like any game of chess the Emperor made the sufficient moves and set by great provision for the huge amounts of gold , silver and other metals that circulated the Celtic trade routes.

(The battersea shield)

When we look at this period we must not be fooled into thinking that the historical accounts that we are faced with on television hold any truth in the least- the accounts that are given to us are that of the Romans themselves and for anyone with a speck of intelligence it is easy to see that this would be very much like asking a televised American politician about the Iraq war - Not exactly the most impartial voice in the crowd.


To find some pearls of truth in this pile of empty oyster shells we must then turn to the Storytellers , the Bards , the Ovates and the Druids of the British isles - the indigenous men of wisdom that had guided the island for thousands of years. These stories take Bath's founding back much further in time than 863 bc and do not begin within a man called Bladud.. Or do they ?

Daniel J.Tatman

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