Friday, 23 May 2008

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Welcome to my blog. My goal with this site is to grab your imagination and give a vivid impression of the passing of time within in a city with so much going on behind the scenes that it becomes hard not to look around your own environment for similar evidence..


Having grown-up in bath and also having spent the last 8 years living in the 'Jewel of the west'- I have undergone an in-depth study into the City. This includes it's Mythology , Founding and founders , Fraternal and chivalric orders , Architecture , Lay-out , local celebrities and their history. I hope you will join me in reading between the lines and delving into some of the more obscure and interesting details surrounding this most ancient of somerset cities....

-For those of you who are thinking where is this city bath?-

Bath is a small city in the United Kingdom designated as such by the grand Cathedral in it's centre. The city is within the borders of the county of Bath and North east somerset which is in the South west of England just above the long stretching arm-like peninsula of Cornwall. I hope that if you have never heard of this place before that i can make it as interesting and intriguing as possible. Whilst many feel the subject is well understood - i would like to start this blog with a large and open ended question.

What exactly is a city and... WHAT DOES IT DO TO US ? ()

(Carvings in 'The Circus' - Bath)


Here is a brief glimpse into the History of Bath - It is presented by the English Private school educated main stream historian that is Simon Schama . Although the imagery is fantastic, bear in mind this is the 'establishment' speaking here - this is exactly what you find in the school History books. Unfortunately we know that the facts that are within the books are not even close to the truth the majority of the time, the most truthful part of most school history books is usually the cover.

Yours sincerely

Daniel J.Tatman

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Greg said...

Hey dude sweet site! the red ice interview is fascinating nice will have to come and check out the cheltenham architecture some time. Hopefully see you at sunrise all the best