Monday, 7 July 2008


Daniel Tatman is to appear at the stars and stones forum on the 15-16 November. The event is organised by John Agnew and Edmund Marriage...

There are many speakers over the two days including the brilliant and controversial Dan Winter-


15-16 November

Other enquiries:

John Agnew


Details to be confirmed soon.

Booking Office:
01359 270524

Edmund Marriage

01963 251772

If you live in England (or Europe if you are dedicated) why not come and cop an earful of mind stretching material on a whole range of subjects which are being shown to be of up-most importance for us as a society over the coming years....


more associated links....

The Golden Age Project

Dan Winter

The stars and stones forum has been running for a few years now and for an idea about the quality of the presentation and information here is one of my favourite lectures of the past few years.

Gary Bitchcliffe

If you have not heard of Dan winter PLEASE WATCH the two featured videos, Dan's work is of fundamental importance to a new fractal holistic approach to architecture , agriculture and living a more healthy and considered life.

-Dan on Practical and Applied Sacred Geometry-

-Video (2)-
-Dan on Gravity And the Electric Universe-

Holistic Channel


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