Tuesday, 4 November 2008

''Understanding the ancient landscape, the heavens, the dawn of agriculture,the Golden Age, and the evolution of social disorder.

-Stars and Stones Winter Forum-


Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - Sat 15th and Sun 16th November 2008

Tickets limited to 80 at £35 each. Single day £20. Booking enquiries 01359 270524. By post from The Estate Office, Rougham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9LZ. Cheques payable to Rougham Conferences. Please include a S.A.E, for timetable, directions, local accommodation and B&B’s, to be forwarded with your ticket. Camping facilities on site



Shaun Kirwan
(Geomancer, Dowser & Stone Circle Builder)
-Geomancy in our Sacred Landscape - How we can interact with the landscape for earth healing and creation of sacred space.

Dan Winter
(American Scientist and Specialist in DNA)
-How Waves Conjure up Fractality: The Implosive Secret of Life Force, Peak Perception and the Self Organization of The Human Genetic Field. Simple electric symmetry principles towards the end of addiction.

Robin Heath
(Britain’s Leading Independent Specialist in Archaeoastronomy)
-Evidence and proof of advanced observational astronomy in the ancient British Isles

Sam Semir Osmanagich

(Founder of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation)
-Presents the latest archaeological information on the incredible Bosnian pyramids and stone structures.

Dirk Campbell
(Composer and specialist in musical instruments dating back thousands of years)
-Presentation on the science of music plus demonstration of a number of ancient instruments


Sunday :

Peter Cedrowan Taylor
(Pioneering Environmental Scientist)
-Envisioning the future of ecology, community and spirit.

Daniel Tatman
(Independent Researcher)
-Evidence of the geomantic construction skills of the ancient surveyors, who mapped Britain and the World and their connections to the science of the Electric Universe.

John Gagnon
(Canadian Researcher and Author of Message from Our Ancestors)
-Review and DVD’s of the work of Paul LaViolette, Bernard Delair, Richard Firestone, Velikovsky and others on the global catastrophe at the end of the Ice Age. The messages left for us by our advanced and benevolent ancestors from within the Great Pyramid. Assisted by Edmund Marriage.

Edmund Marriage
(Independent Researcher)
-Sophistication and diffusion of ancient technology around the world by sea and land from the Kharsag/Garden of Eden site in Southern Lebanon.

Dean Carter
(Centre for Pure Sound)
-Introduction to the Sound Workshop on Monday
Two days of lectures, networking, socialising, music and forums, plus optional Shaun Kirwan Dowsing Instruction, Peter Taylor on the Science of Yoga, Dean and Lorna Carter’s Sound Workshop, plus local field visits on
(Fri. 14th and Mon. 17th, in a superb rural location.)

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John Agnew : 01359 270796
- quicksilver@lawneys.freeserve.co.uk


Edmund Marriage : 01963 251772
- patrickfound@btinternet.com

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